Introducing Lemon Tree CBD and Lemon Tree #7

Lemon Tree has developed a unique, proprietary natural terpene blend available world-wide.

After more than two years of painstaking research and development, Lemon Tree is proud to bring its signature Lemon Tree #7 terpene to audiences around the world.

Why do this?

  • The unique flavor of Lemon Tree remains a singular experience in Cannabis, but unavailable to markets beyond our home in California and few key partners in markets with legal cannabis.
  • By creating Lemon Tree #7, we are able to bring that flavor and experience to new markets in forms that are readily available for purchase.

As our first introduction, we are introducing the Lemon Tree Hemp CBD Vape Cart, available here at and at partner retailers online, in the US and around the globe.

We are super excited to bring Lemon Tree to our fans who previously could not access it and are even more excited about the additional Lemon Tree products we will be introducing in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more!

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